How Can I Help?

1.  Purchase JamieSEA's Featured Solo Piano CD below where 50% of the proceeds goes to the non profit of your choice*  


2.  During your purchase through PayPal, MAKE SURE you enter the NAME OF THE NON PROFIT you wish to support in the NOTE SECTION of your purchase!


3. Tell 2 or 3 friends to do the same!  This will raise even more funds for the non profits we are partnered with!


4.  Sign up for JamieSEA's NEWSLETTER so we can keep you informed on the progress of the fundraiser as well as NEW CD Releases, Recues Stories and More!



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Our Featured CD

Below is of Volume 1 of our Solo Piano Series entitled "Will You Come Back To Me" performed by Recording Artist JamieSEA (aka SEA ). 

When you purchase Come Back To Me, 50% of our net profits go to the qualified non profit we support. 


The album is available in both download and a hardcopy CD.  To listen, please click on the MP3 demo below.  Order now and support your favorite non profit today!


Buy CD $14.94    Buy MP3 $9.94


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